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Fraud in the Inducement, or “I Didn’t Read the Contract But That’s OK Because the Other Guy Lied About the Terms” (2011-1-28)

In a recent and closely reasoned opinion, the 5th District Court of Appeal from Fresno held that a claim of fraud could go to trial, even if the alleged fraud was controverted by the language of the written agreement between the parties.  There are points in the opinion for discussion, but let’s start with the […]

Ahcom v. Smeding – Ninth Circuit Analyzes Alter Ego Liability as Procedural, Not Substantive (2011-1-14)

In Ahcom, Ltd. v. Smeding, 2010 DJDAR 16125 (9th Cir. Oct. 21, 2010), the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal considered when alter ego liability could be imposed on corporate shareholders.  Applying California law in a bankruptcy context, the court provided contours to alter ego liability. The issue in Ahcom was whether “a creditor of a […]

Debtor’s Fraudulent Transfer of Property Set Aside Years After Trust Was Formed (2011-1-9)

In a recent bankruptcy case, the Ninth Circuit held that a transfer to a trust could be set aside years after the transfer was made.  In In re Schwarzkopf (9th Cir Nov. 23, 2010) ___ F.3d ___, the court held that, because the transfer was a fraud on creditors at the time it was made, […]