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Trustee Can be Held Liable for Debts As Alter Ego of Limited Liability Company (2011-3-21)

Another in a recent wave of California cases has hit the nail on the head, holding that the trustee can be held liable for debts, but not the trust itself.  The reason is elementary – a trust is a relationship, not an entity.  This rule has roots that run back hundreds of years.  It explains […]

In re Honkanen – Bankruptcy Court Holds that Real Estate Broker’s Breach of Fiduciary Obligation is Dischargeable (2011-3-13)

A new decision has made an important change concerning he liability of real estate brokers in the context of a bankruptcy.  Specifically, the decision in In re Honkanen, 2011 DJDAR 3358 (9th Cir. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel March 4, 2011) holds that a real estate broker can obtain a discharge from a state court finding of […]

Smith v. Home Loan Funding – An Excessive Remedy Against Mortgage Broker (2011-3-5)

The decision in Smith v. Home Loan Funding, Inc. (Feb. 25, 2011) 2011 DJDAR 2968 may have satisfied a “feel good” impulse at the Court of Appeal.  However, it seems that Justice Gilbert jumped the rails when he affirmed the award of damages.  Even more, he awarded attorney’s fees when there was no contract between […]

Bonfigli – Don’t Press Your Luck with a Power of Attorney (2011-3-1)

The decision in Bonfigli v. Strachan (Feb. 24, 2011) 2011 DJDAR 2893 is a reminder not to press for advantage when using a power of attorney.  The defendant was a developer who used a power of attorney to reconfigure two parcels so that he got to keep the land, but did not have to pay […]