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Stress Factors for First Year Law Students (1L) (2015-9-17)

Many smart people think about attending law school.  The stress factor is not always considered by prospective students. Prof. Carroll Seron at the UC Irvine School of Law candidly acknowledges this issue. “It is a rite of professional passage that the first year of law school is highly stressful and, indeed, is designed to be […]

The UCC Remains Relevant (2015-9-10)

The Uniform Commercial Code covers a wide scope of commercial transactions, from the sale of goods to warehouse receipts to secured transactions.  Article 3 deals with promissory notes, sometimes referred to as negotiable instruments. In his 2012 book,  The End of Negotiable Instruments, James Steven Rogers argued that most of the law contained in Article […]

Tribeca Companies v. First American – Escrowholder Not Liable for $1 Million Claim (2015-9-4)

The recent decision in Tribeca Companies, LLC v. First American Title Insurance Company (Aug. 26, 2015) ___ Cal.App.4th ___ reaches an unsurprising result – an escrowholder is not liable for damages when it delivers money to the owner of the funds. If you continue to the end of the decision, however, you’ll find a peculiar […]