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Dorsey v. Superior Court – No Attorneys Fees in Small Claims Cases (2015-10-27)

As the jurisdiction of small claims court has increased (now up to $10,000), attorneys are called on more frequently to assist on appeal.  (Ground rule – attorneys are not permitted to assist at the original trial, only on appeal.) In Dorsey v. Superior Court (Oct. 22, 2015) __ Cal.App.4th __, “The small claims court dispute […]

Lord Mansfield and Sommersett’s Case (2015-10-19)

In 1927, Prof. William Holdsworth delivered four lectures on legal history to American audiences, which lectures were collected in Some Lessons from Our Legal History (The Macmillan Company 1928).  Holdsworth, a law professor at Oxford, held “the oldest University Chair in English law in the world,” a chair first held by William Blackstone in 1758. […]

Interpretations of Legal History (The Macmillan Company 1923) (2015-10-9)

Roscoe Pound, dean of Harvard Law School, was an influential legal scholar with a large body of writings.  Some say he later contradicted himself; perhaps, but his earlier writings offer deep insight into the American legal system. (Pound was born in 1870, and was raised in Nebraska.  His chief academic training was as a botanist, […]

Law School and Mental Health Issues (2015-10-2)

Prof. Andrew McClurg is the author of an excellent guide to the first year of law school.  Below are short excerpts relating to mental health issues that can affect law students. Self-Doubt Law school is the undisputed champion of causing talented people, people who have achieved at a high level their entire lives, to almost […]